Top 5 High Quality Washing Machine Brands Trusted in Australian Homes

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The washing machine is an essential appliance in Aussie households and everybody needs one. When choosing between high-quality washing machines, the brand and its features are important considerations in selecting the best model for your needs.

This article features the top five washing machine brands found in Australian homes. You’ll learn about key features, pros and cons, energy efficiency and more.

Factors to consider when choosing a washing machine

Before deciding on the right washing machine for you, there are some important things to consider.

  • The first is the capacity of the washing machine. If there are only one or two people in your household, then a 5kg or 6kg capacity machine will do, but you’ll want at least an 8kg or 9kg machine for a family. Some models are now mammoth and can handle wash loads of 16kg to 17kg. These are ideal for large families and businesses.
  • How much is your budget for a new washing machine? Which model offers the best value for money? Decide how much you’re willing to spend and then search for a washing machine in that price range.
  • What features does the machine need to have? For example, top loader or front loader, smart connectivity, steam cleaning, a child lock, cycle options, quiet operation and so on.
  • You’ll want to choose a brand and model that’s renowned for its durability and reliability. Some brands fare better in this department than others.
  • Check the model’s energy efficiency rating, as well as its environmental impact (e.g. does it use lots of water?). Fortunately, most brands and models are very efficient and eco-friendly these days.

Popular washing machine ownership brands in Australia

Let’s now take a closer look at the top five brands that Australians are currently using in their homes.

Washing machine ownership by brand in Australia as of September 2023 Statista report

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1. Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel is one of the most trusted washing machine manufacturers in the country, with an 18% market share as of September 2023. One of the key features of the Fisher & Paykel range is SmartDrive technology. These machines use less water and detergent for each cycle, saving you money while also being kind to the environment. The company places a strong focus on sustainability. With a 10-year warranty on their SmartDrive motors, you can be confident your washing machine will last.

One of the top-selling models is the Fisher & Paykel WA8560G1 top loader with an 8.5kg capacity. Along with SmartDrive technology, it features easy-to-use smart-touch controls, requiring only a fingertip to operate.

A drawback to this brand is its top loader range is noisier than some other brands and models out there. If you need a whisper-quiet operation, then maybe another brand would suit you better.

2. LG

LG build washing machines that are pleasing to the eye. From glimmering stainless steel to the forest green and beige styling of the WashTower All-In-One stacked washer and dryer. Sleek designs with a focus on aesthetics are a key feature of this brand.

However, creating washing machines that look good is not the only feature LG is popular for. LG’s ThinQ technology allows you to start a wash cycle remotely with the ThinQ app and remote. Another interesting feature that’s found on the LG WTG8521 model is a smart diagnosis program. Using a smartphone app, you can easily troubleshoot problems. Child locks, auto restart and LED displays are also key features in the LG washing machine range.

A downside to LG models is they are not as energy and water-efficient as other brands on the market, so sustainability is a drawback.

3. Samsung

While Samsung has a lot of good models on the market, one of the most popular ones is the 9kg top loader, with SmartDrive technology to reduce running time. Its 4-star water and energy rating means it doesn’t need loads of water to run a cycle and running costs are low. Enjoy whisper-quiet operation thanks to a digital inverter motor found in most Samsung models.

One of the reasons Samsung washing machines are so popular in Australia is they offer models at affordable prices, such as the Samsung AddWash with 22 wash programs. AI technology is also a feature of Samsung products. Your washing machine learns your washing habits and offers you cycle suggestions. QuickDrive technology reduces washing time and the EcoBubble feature ensures thorough cleaning every single wash cycle. You can also monitor your washing machine remotely on your phone with the SmartThings app.

The durability of Samsung washing machines has been an issue over the years, but the company does offer an 11-year warranty on their digital inverter motors.

4. Bosch

Precision German engineering guarantees you get quality and durability no matter which Bosch washing machine model you purchase. This is a brand you know you can rely on to get the job done every single time you use your machine.

The Bosch out-of-balance correction system allows for a fast wash cycle that’s also gentle on the garments inside. An average load capacity of 9kg at the top end is sufficient for a family but falls short of the load capacity of other brands such as Samsung and LG.

Many models designed in white, chrome and black give Bosch washing machines a unique and stunning appearance. With average 5-star energy and water rating on most of their range, Bosch comes out ahead in this category. Another key feature is that of whisper-quiet operation, with Bosch washing machines regarded as some of the least noisy on the market.

A significant con of Bosch washing machines is they can be expensive, with some price points out of reach of the average Australian on a budget. This is a key reason why its market share is lower than some other popular models.

5. Haier

One of the major features of the Haier washing machine range is that most models rate high on the energy and water efficiency scales, with an average of 4.5 stars each. Haier machines keep costs down while also being environmentally friendly. The company also offers some washing machines at lower price points for individuals and families on a budget.

Key features of the Haier range include a steam refresh cycle that ensures garments remain germ-free, Direct Drive, Antibacterial Treatment, Wi-Fi connectivity and multiple temperature settings for the perfect wash. Digital displays and drum lights allow you to monitor your washing machine even in a dark room.

Although unsubstantiated, according to user reviews online, a common complaint is maintenance issues with Haier washing machines after the first twelve months.

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