What Is a Split Air Conditioner and Why Should I Consider One?

split air conditioner

If you have a big house or a home with housemates with different temperature preferences, that doesn’t mean you need to install multiple air conditioning units just to keep everyone happy. A split air conditioner is a clever way to cool or heat your home’s different rooms with just one external unit. Sounds too good to be true, right? Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of installing a split air conditioner.

How does a split air conditioner work?

Split air conditioners are a combination of one outdoor compressor and condenser unit and multiple indoor units which can be wall or floor-mounted. You can power up to four internal units running at the same time, which means you can cover the majority of your home with a split air conditioner system.

Advantages of a split air conditioner

A split air conditioner makes heating and cooling your home more efficient in terms of cost and energy use, as you’re only using one external unit to drive the internal units. Additional advantages include:

  • Space saving – With only one external unit instead of multiple units powering separate heat pumps, there are instant space savings outdoors since you don’t need to install and accommodate multiple external units.
  • Independent or centralised control – each indoor unit can be run from separate remotes for greater room temperature control, or from a centralised remote.
  • Indoor units can be quieter – because the compressor is located in the external unit of a split air conditioner, the indoor units can be much quieter while running.

Disadvantages of a split air conditioner

One of the key disadvantages of a split air conditioner is that if something goes wrong with the external unit, all of the indoor units will be impacted until it’s repaired. Other disadvantages include:

  • Cost – the cost to purchase and install a split air conditioning unit is higher than a single air conditioning unit that’s been ducted through your home.
  • Some restrictions on multi-level houses – if your home is split across multiple levels, you may not be able to install a split air conditioner because of the length of tubing needed; you’d need to check with an installer first.
  • Exterior unit may be noisier – because the external unit is powering multiple indoor units, it may be noisier, which may not impress your neighbours.

Considering a new air conditioner, or need parts and service?

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner and want to cool multiple rooms, it’s worth considering the benefits of a split air conditioner over a ducted single unit (or multiple individual units). The cost overall may be similar, especially when you consider consolidating servicing and repair costs from multiple units versus those of one split air conditioner.

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