DIY Guide: Leaky Washing Machine Tap Solutions

washing machine tap leaking

A faulty washing machine tap or valve should be addressed sooner rather than later to prevent further damage. When your laundry piles up, the last thing you want is your washing machine tap leaking. Ensuring your machine is in the best working condition is crucial, especially when you're gearing up to take on a big laundry load.

Appliance faults tend to arise at the most inconvenient times, and seemingly minor issues like a leaking washing machine tap, inadequate water supply from the tap to the machine, or inconsistent water temperature can often be dismissed as not important. However, disregarding these small problems can lead to more significant issues if not promptly addressed, underscoring the importance of addressing them while they're still minor.

From the Tap to the Machine

It seems like a simple concept; the washing machine tap is on, you turn on the machine, and voila – your washing gets done. But understanding how the water gets from the tap in a controlled manner to your machine is important because this can be a source of problems.

The common water-related issues with washing machines are:

  • A leaky or dripping washing machine tap
  • A faulty or clogged-up washing machine valve

We’ll run through both, and why it’s important to repair the issues sooner, rather than later.

Why a Leaky Washing Machine Tap Needs Attention

A leaky or dripping washing machine tap may seem like a minor, though annoying, issue. But, left unrepaired, this leak can cause water to pool behind the machine, under cupboards and along the skirting boards, causing rot and mould not only in those areas but also in your floor and walls.

A leaky washing machine tap will generally be caused by one of two issues – the O-ring, which is a rubber ring that sits on the tap, or a faulty washer attached to the jumper valve. If the tap is dripping, it’s likely the washer that’s attached to the jumper valve. If the tap is leaking during washing machine use, it’s likely the O-ring that’s at fault. Both are fairly easy repairs; disassemble the tap and replace either the washer or the O-ring.

Recognise a Faulty Washing Machine Valve

Washing machines contain valves, which are mechanical parts found in many other parts of your home, including toilets, dishwashers and gas cooktops. When a tap in any of these is turned, it opens the valve and allows a liquid or gas to pass through a pipe, and when it closes it turns the valve off, blocking the pipe.

In your washing machine, turning the power on opens the water inlet valve, which is connected to hot and cold water hoses at the rear of the machine by a threaded port. An electrical signal tells it to open and close the water flow based on the water-level switch and water temperature settings. As water is rinsed from the drum, the valve opens and closes.

A faulty or clogged-up valve in your washing machine can affect:

  • Water supply to your machine when it starts
  • Water temperature through the wash cycle
  • Water draining and refilling at the rinse cycle

Over time, if left unfixed, pressure will build up and cause the hose to start leaking, and this is when you’ll get a flooded laundry. Cleaning or replacing a washing machine valve is a little more complex than replacing a washer or O-ring, but still very achievable at home with a few tools and a replacement valve part.

Get Replacement Parts for Your Washing Machine

Water-related issues with your washing machine are important to fix before they become major problems that cause flooding and damage to your home.

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