The Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Your Oven Light Bulb

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Though it may seem a surprise when the oven light bulb burns out, it's not surprising given how much work this hardworking home appliance has to do. Between keeping up with family dinners, baking with the kids, cooking festive feasts, and home entertaining with extended family and friends, your little oven light is on much of the time, keeping your culinary delights well-lit. 

It’s certainly not much fun trying to do any of this with a dark oven, but replacing your oven’s bulb is hardly a job to call an electrician out for. Here’s our step-by-step guide to DIY oven light bulb replacement.

What do I need to replace my oven light bulb?

You won’t need many tools for this job!

  • Replacement oven light bulb
  • Torch
  • Screwdriver (possibly - this will be manufacturer dependant)
  • A piece of tissue, or a cotton glove (for handling the new halogen bulb)

If you still have your oven manufacturer’s manual, it’ll state what wattage the oven light bulb is. If you don’t have it, you’ll have to remove the bulb first to check, before you can order a replacement one.

How do I replace my oven light bulb?

Step 1: Make sure your oven is completely cool, and turned off at the wall or at the mains. This is important!

Step 2: Take out all of the oven racks, so you can access the back of the oven easily. 

Step 3: The oven lights will be behind a cover at the top left or the right, and you’ll need to either unclip or unscrew the cover to get to the light. Your torch will come in handy here, to see how the oven light bulb cover is fastened. 

Step 4: Once the cover is off, carefully remove the oven light bulb.

If you haven’t already ordered the replacement bulb because you didn’t know what wattage it was, you’ll find this information printed on the old bulb. We’ll assume in the next step that you’ve ordered your bulb and are ready to install it.

Step 5: Remove the new oven light bulb from the packaging, being sure not to touch it with your bare skin – the oils from your hands can damage halogen bulbs. Use a piece of tissue, or a cotton glove to handle it.

Step 6: Carefully screw the bulb in clockwise until it’s just tight – don’t over turn it.

Step 7: Replace the oven light cover and the oven racks, and turn the oven back on at the wall or the mains. 

replace oven light bulb

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