Mono Tube Element 160mm 2 Wire 1800w With Trim 9728


element monotube 1800w 2 wire 180mm 240v
Equivalent to Stokes Part No. 9528, 9728, Qualtex Part No. E5856 & genuine part nos. 0122004281, 0122004324, FV28A000, FW390000 & FW39A000.

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3130907 element monotube 1800w 2 wire 180mm 240v stokes p/n 9961 grimwood p/n fw39/40 email p/n fw390000 electrolux p/n 0122004324 3130706 element assy lge 8″ 1800w westinghouse paf509r00 pad507rf12

PAD507RF PAD509RF*22 PAD517GF PAD519MFB PAD519GF*22 PAD527BF PAD537NF PAD529BF*22 PAD539NF*22 PAF509R*00 PAD505UB11 PAD505UB12 PAD506UFB10 PAD506UFB11 PAD506UFB12 PAD507RF12 PAD507RF15 PAD507RF20 PAD517GF-12 PAD517GF12 PAD517GF-15 PAD517GF15 PAD517GF-20 PAD517GF20 PAD519MFB-12 PAD519MFB12 PAD527BF-20 PAD527BF20 PAD537NF-20 PAD537NF20 PAF509R*06 PAF529B*06 PAF529B*00 PCD508QFWO-R*20 PCD508QFWO-L*20 62A858MTB*09 62A858MTW*09 62A858MTB 62A858MTW PAD620QFB-20 PAD620QFB20 PAD620QFW PAD620QFWO-20 PAD620QFWO20 PAD620QFB-12 PAD620QFB12 PAF519G*00 PAF539N*00 PCD508QFWOL*25 PCD508QFWOR*25 PAD620QFB*27 PAD620QFWO*27 PCF508WL*00 PCF508WR*00 PCF508WL*01 PCF508WR*01 PAF519G*07 PAD547CF*00