OVEN GASKET MK2 BIOS 55769 no longer available


OVEN GASKET MK2 BIOS 55769..  3140877WS..  0208003452

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This seal goes around both sides and the top & bottom of the oven. It is one continuous loop.

Fits some newer Westinghouse Freestyle ovens including PAK143W*19 and similar models. Also fits some Simpson models. Will fit Electrolux Oven EOEE62AS & EOEE63AS.

Total seal length 170 cm. Seal has small metal hooks in the corners. Approximate dimensions 50cm X 38cm.

ERM658, PXP688,POP783, ebc5231, EBC5271W, PAK509RC*37 POP668S*02 POP668W*02 PXR688S PXR688W PXR698S PXR6989W 0208003469,0208003452,EXC614W, ERM1713, OUTDOOR MOTOR – PON663W ESE09HRA, PXN688S, PAK143W, EOC617S EOC617W EOC627S EOC627W EOC647S EOC647W PAK518W*40 EOEM61AS*40, PAK520W*