K2R Oven Cleaner



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 K2R our Non-Caustic Oven Cleaner is world renowned for how well it works. Formulated by the Swiss, it’s been available for over 30 years. Its active foam is tough on burnt-on food and fat and sticks to vertical surfaces, working intensively for up to 24 hours. There’s no need to heat the oven, no smell, and no irritating additives. It’s gentle, skin-friendly and easy to use. For a quality oven cleaner in Australia, use K2R today.
  • Non-Caustic and Safe
  • No Heating
  • No Fumes
  • No Smell
  • No Hassle
    • Wear rubber gloves & eye protection at all times.
    • Use in cold ovens and surfaces.
    • To avoid seepage and protect the floor, place paper towels or newspaper under oven and between the bottom of the door and oven.
    • Shake can well before use and often during use.
    • Point the arrow on nozzle towards red mark on rim of can, hold can upright and 25 cm from surface to be cleaned.
    • Starting on back wall first then the sides, top, bottom, racks and inside door, spray surfaces thoroughly.
    • For ovens, close the door and leave overnight. For microwave ovens, hot plates, glass ceramics etc. clean after 2 hours.
    • Wipe clean with paper towels, damp cloth or scourer if required.
    • Ensure surfaces are thoroughly rinsed, dried and well ventilated before oven is used again.