Infinite Dual Grill Control Switch 823-14


Infinite Dual Grill Control Switch 823-14



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Universal shaft suits 3/16″. 1/4″ & 6mm D-shape & 1′ or 22mm lengths.

Appropriate replacement for MDP-102, MDP-102-EAC, MDP-105, MD3V-800, INF82314, INF-813-02, INF-813-03, INF-812-04, INF-812-05, INF-821-00, INF-824-01, INF-823-02, INF-823-03, INF-823-04, INF-822-05, INF-822-06, INF-823-07, INF-822-08, INF-823-14, INF-823-09, INF-823-11, INF-823-12, INF-823-15, INF-823-16, INF-822-18, INF-823-19, TD2-101, TD3-101, TD3-102, TD3-103, TD3-201, TD3-203, TD3-205, TD5-101, TD5-202, TD5-203, TD5-204, TD5-205, TD5-207, TD6-101, TD6-102, TD6-103, TD6-203, TD6-205, TD6-207, TDP-101, TDP-102, TDP-103, TDP-104, TDP-201, TDP-202, TDP-205, 0534001684.

Contacts rated 15Amp.

Suits many older model stoves. Contact us with your brand and model number to check suitability.