Fan Forced Smeg Element with Bolts 2600w 806890122


Smeg 2 Ring Fan Element With Bolts

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3130415 element fan forced 2100w smeg with bolts p/n 806890122 806890217 806890243 sa9066sx sa990xr sa398X csa19x stokes 10758 20.40655.000 10758 e800a
also suits Euro oven RET600S also suits omega m/n: oa64x oa25x oa25w OA44-1X Suits Smeg SA280X/1 if manufactured before 09-01-2004. Models manufactured after 09-01-2004 use 3130406. SA708X SA365X
Smeg Omega Blanco Euro Technika Euromaid Baumatic European oven fan forced element 2100watts 240volts with threaded bolts on mounting plate.

Part number cross reference: 806890122 806890217 806890243 IM21-02 10758 20.4655.000 10110406 TG524022100 481686 3130423 482589 E002040655000 20.40655.000 20.40655.000 CIM21.01 806890355 806890397 EF20.40655.000 481686 IM21-01 481686 20.40696.000 EU096 806890243 806890217 6160R189 481686S

Smeg model: SA708X SA280X SA365X SA360X SA920MFW1 SA402X CSA196 FS64MF SA20XMF SA22XMF SA210X SA306X8 SA304X-8 SA9066SX SA990XR SA398X CSA19X

Omega model: oa3200x oa3205x oa20-1x oa64x oa25x oa25w OA44-1X

Technika model: Medina 92501

Euro model: EFS60C4ESS E4F6S RET600S

Baumatic model: bk3000ss ba2850ss

Euromaid model: ef60css gfs60mss