Electric Motor Brush Carbon Kleenmaid


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gn484826 brush motor kfl800 kfl800n kfl806 kfl1500 kfl1500n kfl1506
single brush used on all “FHP” make of motors (except FHP UD2 112563). GN484826 is used on all the KFL models and is most commonly sold brush.  

if this brush does not fit then you need either  

GN505282 – used on older models. “CE Set” make of motors use this brush typically used on KFL800 models  

GN505762 – this brush was used specifically on motor “FHP UD2 112563”  

GN794000 – this brush was used on “SELNI” make of motors which could be in models kfl1500 kfl1500n kfl1506  

unfortunatley there is no serial number breaks to help identify the correct brush  

all brushes have pictures on our website