Board Assembly Main International Pcg23shsafs


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Board Assembly Main International Pcg23shsafs   WR55X10556RE

EDIS::Product Code: WR55X10556
PART NUMBER: wr55x10556
DESCRIPTION: board asm main intl

REPLACES PART NUMBERS: wr55x10281 wr55x10591 WR55X10434 wr55x10116 wr55x10505 wr55x10477 wr55x10062 wr55x10382 wr55x10096 wr55x10064 wr55x10192 wr55x10121 wr55x10382 & wr55x10096 wr55x10064 wr55x10478 6871jk2007b WR55X10334 wr55x10104 wr55x10277 wr55x10695

MUST READ NOTES: on GSA Models where the white/yellow wire on pin 2 of the J1 connector it is to be changed to pin 1 of the J1 connector failure to do this will result in poor PC temps.

There is a small range of fridges that the wr55x10556 was not used on however this is not listed on the parts manuals and GE do not know the models. if you fit a wr55x10556 to these models you will get flashing zeros on the digital display panel. for this range of models you need to use a wr55x10942 main board. if you visit the customer before ordering the main board check the manufacture number on the original board if this is 200d4851g013 then order wr55x10942. please ask for “bulletin WR55X10552 flashing zeros” for more information

Intermittent Noise of Electronic Damper refer bulletin ref16-02 which advises to use wr55x10942

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