10 Must Have Small Home Appliances for your Home


Time is gold in today’s fast-paced world, and not everyone has loads of time to cook and do chores while at home. Having a range of quality small home appliances can make all the difference when it comes to saving time and making life easier. Let’s take a look at 10 best small appliances for your home.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

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The obvious advantage of owning a cordless vacuum is you don’t need to be near a wall socket or keep changing sockets as you move about the home. You also don’t have a cord getting in the way while you clean. Most models come with a swivel head and various attachments, enabling you to get into the tightest of spaces. Cordless vacuums are rechargeable, lightweight and very easy to use. Never let a power cord restrict you again.

Combination rice and slow cooker

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Cooking is a breeze when you add a combination rice and slow cooker to your suite of small kitchen appliances. Equipped with artificial intelligence, this appliance automatically adjusts cooking time and temperature for optimum results and precision cooking. Knock up a quick batch of rice to feed the entire family, or follow along to your favourite slow cooked recipe for a delicious meal that permeates the kitchen with a sumptuous aroma. With a large capacity bowl and numerous cooking settings to choose from, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without a combination rice and slow cooker.

Deep fryer

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There’s no need to visit your local fish and chip shop when you have your very own deep fryer at home. Fry up a batch of crispy chips at will, cook up your favourite battered fish, deep fry some dim sims or even try your hand at deep fried ice cream for something a little adventurous. Equipped with a digital timer and auto shut-off, you’ll easily be able to keep track of the fryer’s progress. A transparent lid allows you to see exactly what’s going on inside during the cooking process. Modern deep fryers also automatically filter the oil, keeping it fresh, free of debris and ready for the next fry up.

Electric Griller

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An electric griller is perfect for both indoor and outdoor cooking. Whether you like your meat rare, well done or anywhere in between, you’ll be able to cook steaks to perfection. Modern electric grillers come with intelligent technology that actually measures the thickness of the meat, the number of pieces, how you want it cooked, and then automatically sets the cooking time and temperature for mouth-watering results. You’ll be cooking up a storm like a trained chef, so impress your family and friends by adding an electric griller to your cooking arsenal.

Smart protect iron

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Featuring steam boost, vertical steam and spray, the smart protect iron is a top choice for anyone who wants to make short work of ironing and have their clothes looking like they’re brand new. Airglide technology ensures the iron never sticks to your clothes, no matter what the fabric. Featuring an ergonomic handle for ironing comfort over long periods and loads of temperature settings, the smart protect iron is a small appliance you shouldn’t pass up. The anti-drip system also means water won’t leak onto your clothes even when the steam function is not in use.

Garment steamer

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The perfect complement to any iron is the high-pressure garment steamer. Achieve professional results within minutes with the perfect press. One major advantage of a steamer is the heat of the steam itself. It kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and other common household germs. That’s impressive. Handheld steamers are also ideal for taking the wrinkles out of large items like curtains, sheets and blankets. Adding a garment steamer to your appliance collection is certainly worth considering.


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A multicooker means you spend less time cooking and more time with your family or doing the things you want to do. With dozens of built in recipes, including starters, mains and desserts, the digital screen guides you through the cooking steps. Many of these recipes cook in under 15 minutes due to the multicooker’s pressure cooking capacity. Another great feature is this cooker is large enough to prepare a meal for up to six people. Cook vegetables, meat, rice and even fruit. In fact, there’s really not much you can’t cook with a multicooker. Add one to your appliance collection today.

Air fryer

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Rather than cooking with heat and oil, air fryers are a healthy alternative that use hot air circulation to cook your food. Your meat, for example, still maintains that same delicious taste and texture and won’t dry out in the air frying process. Enjoy guilt-free indulgence and no more oily dishes to clean up. Air fryers are ideal for cooking fish and chips, chicken wings and even desserts such as donuts. If you’re health-conscious, this is a game changer that allows you to enjoy your favourite fried foods with fewer fats and calories.


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A blender is a must-have small appliance for every kitchen. Even the kids can use it to blend a delicious smoothie or a healthy fruit and vegetable drink. You can even chop ice with a blender to make the perfect cocktail. Puree, liquefy, mix, chop or stir, a blender does it all. With multiple speed settings and a huge jug, there’s not much you can’t chop or blend.

Vacuum sealer

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No home should be without a vacuum sealer. It’s the ultimate way to keep food fresh for longer. Chop up vegetables and store them in the fridge for weeks. Have leftovers from the evening meal? Put them in a bag and vacuum seal them for reheating at a later date.

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