How to Diagnose a Dryer Drum Roller Fault (and How You Can Fix it)


dryer drum roller

Winter is the time of year our dryers get the most use, and they’re certainly lifesavers when it’s too cold, wet and miserable outside for your clothes to dry on the line. In fact, once you’ve had a dryer, it can be hard to go back to living without one!

While for most of us our dryers are non-stop troopers that work hard to do their job, over time you may start to encounter some issues that indicate they need repair and maintenance. A worn, damaged or faulty dryer drum roller can be the cause of some of these issues, so let’s run through:

  • What a dryer drum roller is
  • Signs that your dryer drum roller may be faulty
  • How to repair your dryer drum roller
  • Getting replacement parts for your dryer

What is a dryer drum roller?

Your clothes dryer has 2-3 rollers on a belt inside it that support the base of the dryer drum as it rotates, called dryer drum rollers. They may be at the back of the machine, or located at the front (this will be brand dependent).

What are the signs your dryer drum roll may be faulty?

A dryer drum roller can become worn out over time, or damaged, which can cause the drum to start making a loud thumping sound. When it’s particularly worn, you may notice black smudges on your clothes, which is definitely less than ideal.

The rollers can also stop spinning freely due to wear, tear and age, which can overload the motor, and this is when your dryer will stop working altogether. Even if only one roller is the issue, it makes sense to replace all of them at the same time.

How to repair your dryer drum roller

Here are the key steps to take to diagnose a dryer drum roller issue, and repair them:

  1. Unplug your dryer from power, and remove it from the wall (or move it out from where it’s placed so you have more room to work) as you’ll need to access the side or back panel
  2. Remove the side or back panel (brand dependent)
  3. Locate the dryer drum rollers, which will be at the base of the dryer drum – you may need to remove other components to access them
  4. Remove the bolts or nuts at the end of each shaft, and pull the roller of the shaft, each in turn

NOTE: without the rollers in place, the dryer drum will lower. Brace it with some wood before you remove the rollers!

  1. Fit the replacement rollers to each shaft, and secure them with the bolts or nuts you removed in the previous step
  2. Put all other components you removed back in place, and put the side or back panel back on
  3. Put the dryer back in its usual spot, and plug it back in.

Getting replacement parts for your dryer

Replacing your dryer drum rollers is certainly something you can do at home, to save you call out fees from a service technician. If your dryer isn’t working as it should, and you need replacement parts, advice, or recommendations for service technicians in your area because it’s not something you feel confident doing yourself, then give us a call.

Here at Wayne’s Wholesale Spares, we stock a huge range of branded and generic parts for dryers as well as all other home appliances. For all your spare parts needs and friendly, helpful advice, we’re here to help.