How to Replace your Dishwasher Drain Hose

1- replace dishwasher drain hose

A leaky, damaged or clogged up dishwasher drain hose is bound to happen at the most inopportune moment, like when you’ve just finished hosting a meal for friends or family and have used every single plate, cup and piece of cutlery in the house, and really need your dishwasher working. 

Your dishwasher drain hose is a very unassuming looking part of your dishwasher, but one of the most critical. Without it, your dishwasher won’t drain the dirty water out of the machine, and you may end up with an unexpected flood in the kitchen. Given that your dishwasher drain hose is made from plastic, it’s not unexpected to have to replace it during your dishwasher’s lifetime. Knowing how to replace it is a handy DIY skill to have and not difficult to do yourself.

Preparation: tools and parts needed

You’ll need a few tools for the job of replacing your dishwasher drain hose:

  • Replacement dishwasher drain hose for your model
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Bucket or plastic container (for the dirty water)

Process: replacing the hose step-by-step

Step 1: Turn your dishwasher power off at the wall – unplug it completely if you can, to be safe. 


Step 2: Disconnect the drain hose under your sink. It’ll be clamped or clipped, so loosen this either with your screwdriver or pliers, depending on whether it’s a clamp or a clip. Put your bucket or plastic container under the connection point, to catch any dirty water still in the hose.


Step 3: The dishwasher drain hose is located at the bottom of the dishwasher, connected to the drain pump. Remove the bottom access panel (base plate) from the dishwasher with your screwdriver.


Step 4: Unclip the drain pump from the drain hose using pliers to remove it.


Step 5: Fit the new dishwasher drain hose in place, and either re-clip with the existing clip or with a replacement clip.


Step 6: Fit the hose and pump back tidily into the base.


Step 7: Close and re-screw the bottom access panel (base plate) back into place.


Step 8: Reconnect the drain hose under the sink, and clamp/clip back into place. It’s not a bad idea to leave the bucket or plastic container under there, just in case you have a leak when you run the machine (if you haven’t connected it tightly enough).


Step 9: Turn your dishwasher power back on and give it a short rinse cycle to check for leaks and that it’s working as it should.

Need parts or advice?

Installing a dishwasher drain hose may seem a bit time consuming and fiddly, but is a great preventative task to do every few years before you find out the hard way that it needs to be replaced. 

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