Best Fridge Brands in Australia for Budget, Style, and Performance

Best Fridge Brands in Australia

These days, with advancements in technology, purchasing a fridge could be considered a big ticket item, so you’ll need to choose wisely and spend your money on a fridge that best suits your household’s needs. With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide about the best fridge brands in Australia to help you make up your mind before making a purchase. So, read on to check out some of the top fridge brands currently on the market.

Things to consider when buying a fridge

Before we dig into the top brands and what they have to offer, let’s cover some of the things to be mindful of when searching for the right fridge for you.

Size and capacity

How big a fridge you’ll need depends on how many people are in your household and what items you’re likely to store in your fridge on a regular basis. If you live alone, a small fridge will be more than enough. However, families of four or more will need to purchase a much bigger fridge to accommodate all the food and drinks they’ll store inside.

Fridge configuration

Fridges come in a number of different configurations. Some are single doors with an internal freezer, but the majority are two doors, with either the freezer at the top or bottom.

Then there are models where the fridge and freezer are separate and stand side by side, separated by an internal wall, with French doors, with the doors opening to each side from the middle.

The common variation on this style is four doors, with French doors for the one fridge area at the top, and two more French doors below opening to separate freezer compartments.

Energy efficiency rating

The more energy efficient your fridge is, the more money you’ll save on your electricity bills. The bigger the fridge, the more power it’s likely to consume, but even fridges of the same size and capacity will vary in their energy efficiency ratings. It’s not critical, but it is something to consider.

The price of the fridge

While searching for a fridge that’s large enough to service your needs and has the features you want, you also need to factor in the price and whether the cost fits in with your budget. That’s why it pays to take the time to do your research and shop around until you find a fridge that’s exactly what you want within your price range.

Fridge features

You’ll also want to consider which features you’ll require, such as adjustable shelving, ice makers, a crisper, the number of doors, whether you want a smart fridge, water dispensers and so on.

Fridge maintenance

Take into consideration how easy the fridge will be to clean and maintain. Are the drawers removable and does it have spill-proof shelves?

The top fridge brands in Australia

Let’s now take a closer look at some of the top fridge brands in the country, so you can make up your mind about which brand offers the capacity and features you need.

Haier fridges


Photo credit: Haier

Haier has many fridges on the market in a range of sizes, and they all receive high customer satisfaction ratings, averaging around 4.5 out of 5 stars. Adopting the latest technology with flexible functionality, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at what fridges this brand offers.

As an example of Haier fridges, there is the massive 623L quad door fridge which is ideal for large families and people who like to entertain. It has an ice maker and water dispenser and looks very sleek and modern in black.

Haier is currently one of the most popular brands for fridges in today’s market.

Kelvinator fridges


Photo credit: Kelvinator

Kelvinator is a brand that’s renowned for making fridges to suit the Australian climate and lifestyle. This brand is extremely reliable because and has a wide range to choose from. Customer satisfaction ratings are consistently 4 stars and above. Their fridges are also considerably more affordable than the Haier range.

A popular model is the 503L top mount fridge, which sells for under $1000. With a 3.5 star energy rating and 503L capacity, it’s the ideal family fridge, with stacks of internal space and one that will save you money on power bills. It doesn’t have ice and water dispensers, but with Kelvinator’s reliability and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, this fridge is a good budget choice.

LG fridges

Waynes Wholesale Spares - LG

Photo Credit: LG

In 2022, Choice awarded LG fridges as an equal best brand for that year. Customer satisfaction ratings for this brand are extremely high, averaging around 4.7 stars out of 5. That’s very impressive. One cool thing about LG fridges is their colour range. Not only can you buy fridges in classic white, but also stainless steel, matt black and dark graphite. You’re sure to find something that blends in well with your decor.

LG has fridges ranging from budget models right through to top of the line models with all the latest technology and features. As an example of a mid range fridge, the bottom mount non-plumbed fridge in matt black is a popular choice among consumers. With a price tag averaging $1500, it’s a good fit for most people, having both a water dispenser and ice maker as some of its features. Internally, there are loads of shelves to store your food and drinks.

You really can’t go wrong when you choose a fridge from LG.

Fisher & Paykel fridges

Waynes Wholesale Spares - F and P

Photo Credit: Fisher & Paykel

For many years, Fisher & Paykel has been the whitegoods choice for Australian homes and this is especially true for their vast range of quality fridges. Known for innovative features and sizes to match every household’s needs, this brand exudes quality and reliability with their high performance fridges. Customer satisfaction is evident with an average star rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. That speaks volumes.

The 487L fridge with French doors is a large, value for money fridge that boasts masses of internal space. One unique feature of this model is it also has a handy wine rack inside, keeping those bottles safe and secure while they cool. The freezer is conveniently located on the bottom, as you access the fridge compartment far more often than the freezer compartment.

Along with their fridges, Fisher & Paykel also manufactures and sells wine coolers.



Photo Credit: Westinghouse

This brand is well known for combining style with functionality. With modern aesthetics and unique features, you’ll certainly want to research what Westinghouse has to offer. One such practical feature unique to this brand is its FreshSeal crispers. Their fridges also feature filtered ice and water dispensers, along with convertible drawers and high energy efficiency ratings. As far as customer ratings go, the brand averages around 4.5 out of 5 stars.

For those on a budget who are looking for a medium capacity fridge, the Westinghouse 211L top mount fridge is an excellent choice. It features a frost-free freezer, a FreshSeal crisper and enough shelf space to cater for a small family.

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