Appliance Maintenance in Summer: Avoiding Overheating and Breakdowns

appliance maintenance in summer

With the Aussie summer upon us once more, the temperature is heating up. While sunny skies and balmy weather are perfect for enjoying the great outdoors, the increased heat is not so kind to your household appliances. Higher temperatures and usage place an added load on household appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners.  In this article, we'll talk about appliance maintenance tips for summer to help keep your appliances running efficiently all season.

Air conditioner maintenance

All air conditioners come with air filters that are very easy to access and clean. The first step in air con maintenance is to remove the filter and wash away dust and grime with warm soapy water. Rinse off, allow to dry, then replace it in the unit.

Call a refrigeration mechanic to check refrigerant levels and search for any leaks or damage.

Also, have your air conditioner professionally cleaned for summer. A clean air conditioner with topped-up coolant levels will perform more efficiently, keeping you cooler and costing you less to run.

Refrigerator care

The fridge is likely your favourite household appliance during summer, so you’ll want to make sure it’s in top shape. The first thing you can do is slide the fridge out and vacuum the dust and cobwebs away from the condenser and coils. This ensures it doesn’t overheat, and helps it to run colder.

Check the door seals. Damaged, cracked or worn door seals leak cold air and allow warm air in. If damaged, replace the seals yourself or call in a professional.

Experiment with temperature settings to strike a balance between keeping everything cold without jacking up the power bill. While tempting in summer, running your fridge at the lowest temperature could cause everything to freeze.

Finally, train yourself and the family to not leave the fridge door open for longer than necessary.  Keeping the door open while you’re filling up your glass from the cold drink bottle is putting a big strain on your fridge.  It has to work hard to get back down to temperature after you’ve let all that warm air in.  Not good for your fridge, and not good for the food in your fridge.

Washing machine and dryer care

Washing machines get used more during summer. Regularly clean the lint filter to prevent overheating and check all hoses for damage. Run a clear water rinse through the machine occasionally to clean lint, sand and other debris from the drum.

Cleaning the lint filter before each use is the most vital thing you can do with your clothes dryer. Lint build-up will guarantee your dryer runs too hot. It can be a fire hazard in hot weather, aside from causing the dryer to operate inefficiently. Be sure to check the air vent for lint too. Also, remove the dryer from the wall and check the belts are in good order.

Fans and dehumidifiers

Ceiling fans, pedestal fans and desk fans also need maintenance to handle the summer period. Cleaning fan blades and protective grills should be done regularly. Dirty fans spread dust and operate inefficiently. They also work harder and therefore consume more power.

For a dehumidifier, clean the air filter and also the condensation bucket frequently. Also, regularly inspect the condenser coils for ice build-up.

Dishwasher maintenance

Clean the spraying arm, as it gets clogged with food particles. Inspect the door seals (similar to a fridge) for cracks and damage and replace them if necessary. Clean the filter in the bottom of the dishwasher before each use to ensure fully efficient operation.

Occasionally run a hot water rinse through the dishwasher while empty to give it a thorough clean.

Schedule regular maintenance to improve energy efficiency

Many household appliances get used more during summer and this will naturally lead to an increase in electricity bills. For this reason, it’s important to perform preventative maintenance on all of your appliances. The more efficiently they operate, the cheaper they will be to run. Maintenance also helps prevent breakdowns, avoiding expensive repair bills.

Regular appliance maintenance can help prevent those typical summer-related appliance issues as well as conserve precious power. Carry out the maintenance tips in this article and enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free summer season.

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