Air conditioner capacitors in Sydney and online

Is your air conditioner playing up or not working at all? Is it slow to start after you turn it on or making a humming noise? 

You rely on your air conditioner to stay cool in the summer. A broken capacitor can keep your air conditioner from blowing cold air, starting quickly, or cutting out at all.

The team at Wayne’s Wholesale Spares is here to help

You need an air conditioner that works effectively to battle Australia’s hot temperatures. When temperatures soar, you don’t have time to wait to get relief. The heat and humidity that are common here not only make you uncomfortable but also put your health at risk.

If you’re considering a new cooling system, check out our range of affordable, high-quality capacitors. Drop by our store in Sydney or buy air conditioner capacitors online to make the necessary repairs.

Air conditioner capacitors online

Finding the right capacitor for your brand and type of air conditioner couldn’t be easier or faster. Browse our website to find the capacitor you need and make your purchase with our streamlined checkout process.

Wayne’s Wholesale Spares ships to any Australian destination. You can purchase the air conditioner capacitor you need even if you don’t live in Sydney.

Air conditioning capacitors Sydney

Are you a Sydney local? Just drop by our store instead.

We keep a fully stocked warehouse in Chipping Norton. Our staff is happy to help you find the exact capacitor you need for your air conditioner. They have the expertise to help youget your air conditioner cooling again.

Keeping cool when it matters the most

If you have questions or need to learn more about capacitors, contact us. Send a message using our online contact form or call 02 9755 1155.

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